Wake Studio - Friere Deity Link

RM 490.00

Manufacture:Wake Studio

Series:The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Statue Weight:Unknown

1/4 A ver H44.5cm B ver H46.5cm
1/6 A ver H28.5cm B ver H29.5cm

Limited Edition:100 pieces worldwide

Total Price:
1/6 A ver Rm1490,Deposit:Rm490,Last payment:Rm1000
1/6 B ver Rm1490,Deposit:Rm490,Last payment:Rm1000
1/6 EX ver Rm2550,Deposit:Rm750,Last payment:Rm1800
1/4 A ver Rm1890,Deposit:Rm590,Last payment:Rm1300
1/4 B ver Rm1890,Deposit:Rm590,Last payment:Rm1300
1/4 EX ver Rm3220,Deposit:Rm820,Last payment:Rm2400

Shipping Date:2024 fourth quarter


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