Leaf Fire Studio - Uchiha Madara

RM 300.00

Manufacture:Leaf Fire Studio

Series:Naruto Shippuden

Statue Weight:Unknown

The art of metempsychosis
1/4 ver Height 57cm Width 30cm Depth 28cm
1/6 ver Height 38cm Width 20cm Depth 19cm
Edo Tensei
1/4 ver Height 69cm Width 33cm Depth 31cm
1/6 ver Height 46cm Width 22cm Depth 21cm

Limited Edition:
1/6 ver 188 pieces worldwide
1/4 ver 128 pieces worldwide

Total Price:
1/6 The art of metempsychosis ver Rm600,Deposit:Rm300,Last payment:Rm300
1/4 The art of metempsychosis ver Rm870,Deposit:Rm370,Last payment:Rm500
1/6 Edo Tensei ver Rm1070,Deposit:Rm470,Last payment:Rm600
1/4 Edo Tensei ver Rm1340,Deposit:Rm600,Last payment:Rm740
1/6 EX ver Rm1550,Deposit:Rm650,Last payment:Rm900
1/4 EX ver Rm2030,Deposit:Rm830,Last payment:Rm1200

Shipping Date:2022 third quarter

Information:EX ver Include The art of metempsychosis ver&Edo Tensei ver

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