Dueling Studio - Straw Hats Pirates

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Manufacturer:Dueling Studio

Series:One Piece

One Material:Resin+PU+ABS+Poly

Statue Weight:Unknown

1/6 Length 85CM, Width 97CM, Height 60CM
1/8 Length 64CM, Width 73CM, Height 45CM

Limited Edition:1:6 100 pieces worldwide,1:8 300 pieces worldwide

Total Price:
1:6 Rm5800,First Deposit:Rm1500,Second Deposit:Rm2000,Last payment:Rm2300
1:8 Rm4000,First Deposit:Rm1500,Second Deposit:Rm1500,Last payment:Rm1000

Shipping Date:1:6 2020 first quarter,1:8 2020 second quarter

How to pre order a statue:

- Buyer order statue need pay deposit first,After the statue is shipped i will inform you pay last payment.

- All statue no include shipping.

Statue shipped notice:

- First quarter mean 1 to 3 months
- Second quarter mean 4 to 6 months
- Third quarter mean 7 to 9 months
- Fourth quarter mean 10 to 12 months


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