Buyer Tips!
Please read before buying!
Rules are important! Please look carefully!

I hope to think clearly before placing an order!

Once the transaction is successful!
We do not accept returns and refunds.
We do not accept change product.
We do not accept any reason for cancellation.

All deposits are non-refundable, unless factory cancel product.

All product no include shipping cost.

All products are brand new, unless otherwise stated.

All currencies are in Malaysia Riggit (MYR)

If you encounter a delay in the official or factory shipment of the ordered product, please understand. Please wait patiently.

We are not liable for lost mails and manufacturing defects.

Resin products are brittle in nature and there is a risk of breakages in the shipping process. Self repair work may be required in the unfortunate event that they arrive in imperfect condition. All items are guaranteed to be in good condition prior to shipping.

Resins are fragile toys, and you are only responsible for the incompleteness of fragile toys upon arrival.
Buyers can only repair by themselves and return to the factory for repair. Hope you can understand.

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